Puzzle game for everyone who likes challenges.

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Untangle a web of stars.

Plexus is a 2D puzzle game. You have several spots (stars) connected to each other. Your goal is to untangle them so lines won't cross each other.

  • Challenging puzzle game
  • Good looking graphics, animations and effects
  • Several game modes - endless, challenges, timer
  • Mobile and desktop versions
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Interesting Features

Different game modes

Endless game mode allows you to get more and more complicated web. Limited only by size of your screen.

Challenges will make you think more. Finish the task with given conditions.

Timer is game mode for people who like to do things fast. You will have limited time for each level.

Available for everyone

The game doesn't have any paid content. You can play absolutely for free without any restrictions in gameplay. Ads will never interrupt you in the middle of level.

Plexus shows ads only between levels, but if it bothers you anyway, you can purchase ad-free version.

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