Manage your subscriptions to optimize your expenses.

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Keep your expenses under control

Register your subscriptions in the app and get them under control. Subscrim will give you a clear picture of what you pay for. Get an overview of your monthly and yearly expenses. The first 10 subscriptions are free, then you can get unlimited access for a one-time payment.

  • Control your expenses
  • Get notifications about upcoming charges
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Cancel useless subscriptions in time
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Interesting Features

Expenses summary

Subscrim gives you a summary of your subscription-related expenses.

On the Home screen you see a full list of your subscriptions and a chart showing your expenses for the next 12 months and the total yearly amount.

Get notified

For each subscription you can set notifications on payment day, one day in advance and one week in advance.

Apart from push notifications, you can see a list of upcoming and past payments in the app itself.

Currencies and other options

Set your preferred currency in the app and add subscriptions in the currency you're charged in. Subscrim will automatically convert them for you and show the summary in your main currency.

You can also show or hide monetary units depending on your personal preferences. It won't affect precision of calculations.

Manage payment methods

Optionally, you can assign a payment method to a subscription. You don't need to enter card number or other personal information, just give it a recognizable name.

This will allow you to see, which card or digital wallet will be charged from and when.

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