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Great tool for keeping your blood sugar in check.
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With EasySugar You Can:

Control your blood glucose

Keep your blood sugar under control. Record every measurement and get back to it when you need.

Keep a healthy diet

Record all the food you eat. If you have low or high blood sugar, you can always see what caused it.

Use it with your doctor

Does your local endocrinologist ask you what you ate and which level of blood sugar you had? Show them the app!

EasySugar Features


EasySugar Diabetes Control is a tool for recording and analyzing parameters of patients with diabetes. It's not a medical device, not a substitute of medical device or a doctor. EasySugar can't diagnose you, cure you, recommend you any medication or treatment. All information in the app, on the website, in our social networks or push notifications is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute an endocrinologist. If you have any questions or concerns about your health or management of your diabetes, please consult your doctor. Information recorded in the app can be analyzed much more efficiently if you do it with a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can EasySugar correct my dose of insulin or pills?
No, EasySugar can indicate that your current medication is wrong, but only an endocrinologist can set your new dose. Don't put your life at risk! If you see that your blood sugar is wrong, show your records to a doctor.
I opened an app and it asks me to enter measurements in mmol/L, but my blood glucose meter shows in mg/dL. What can I do?
Open home screen of the app and choose settings tab in bottom-right corner. You can change measurement units there. All your previous entries will be automatically recalculated.
I want to buy a new phone. Will my data be transferred?
EasySugar uses a cloud storage. You can access your data from any device as long as you enter your email and password.
Can I see all my data for 1 day / week / month?
At the moment, no. But we're working on it. EasySugar is in active development. We introduce new features regularly.
I feel bad. Should I record it in the app?
If you feel some symptoms, which are related to your diabetes, or just not typical for you, you can record them in Symptoms section of the app. It can be dryness in your mouth, dizziness, headache, unusual heartbeat, etc. WARNING! If you feel symptoms of hypoglycemia, eat sugar or other food with fast carbohydrates, then ONLY when you feel better, record it in Symptoms section.

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